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Marco Loche



"Passionated web developer and entrepreneur. After my MS in computer science at the University of Grenoble (France) in 2002, and a first work experience with Logitech SA (Fremont, California, USA), I decided to focus my interest on web development, discovering a passion for PHP and JavaScript. In 2003 I joined Capturator (Rome, Italy) as technical responsible and managed the development of the prototype and, later, the production versions of the Authorware and Courseware. In 2008 after acquiring shares I became General and Technical Manager and I still cover this position. But passion cannot be limited and I still work in parallel as elearning consultant and freelance developer using our preferred languages JS and PHP. About my company: Capturator S.r.l. ( ) is an e-learning company founded in 2000 and selling a full catalogue of language software product used by corporates and universities. Its softwares are web app distributed with a service architecture and through third party LMS using the SCORM standard.


Add the security layer to your REST API and serve a distributed web application

In the past editions of the PhpDay we have assisted to several talks about REST APIs and we learned how to implement a proper REST API service. In this talk I want to present how, at Capturator S.r.l., we have added a security layer to our private REST API (based on Symfony 2) adding authentication […]

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