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Scaling PHP in the real world!

PHP is used by the likes of Facebook, Yahoo, Zynga, Tumblr, Etsy, and Wikipedia. How do the largest internet companies scale PHP to meet their demand? Join this session and find out how to use the latest tools in PHP for developing high performance applications. We’ll take a look at common techniques for scaling PHP […]

Design Patterns Workshop

In 1994, the Gang of Four changed the world with their book, Design Patterns. Yet nearly 20 years later, we’re still struggling with design patterns. How can this be? The answer is that design patterns are hard. Designing reusable applications is the most challenging thing a developer can do. But there’s good news: you CAN […]

Web application: tech from startup to enterprise

Mid 2009, Njuskalo.hr was a 2 year old project gaining a lot of traction in local market. Njuskalo is online classifieds platform, similar to http://www.subito.it/. That traction meant that some changes needed to be done so platform was changed and I started working as a PHP developer maintaining this new shiny code. At that time, […]

Symfony2 and AngularJS

Forget about classic website where UX is not so important. We are living in time where usability is one of the important thing if you are building some business client oriented web service. In locastic we are working on CRM that is based on Symfony2 as backend and AngularJS as frontend solution. How to connect […]

RESTful API development in Laravel 4

RESTful API’s are useful when developing a modern web application since it allows for multiple possibilities for collaboration with third-party software as well as multiple types of front-ends, such as mobile apps and HTML5 web applications. The creation of RESTful API’s is facilitated using Laravel 4, a PHP 5.3 Framework that is rapidly growing in […]


OPCache is PHP’s default OPCode cache mechanism, which’s been introduced and freed with PHP5.5 release. You can use it for 5.3, 5.4 or 5.5. This talk will detail how OPCache works, what it does to PHP and how to set it up so that you can deal with maximum performance and stability. We’ll recall how […]

Moving Away from Legacy code with BDD

Greenfield projects are awesome – you can develop highest quality application using best practices on the market. But what if your bread actually is Legacy projects? Does it mean that you need to descend into darkness of QA absence? This talk will show you how to be successful even with the oldest legacy projects out […]

Space-rockets, sub-atomic particles and clouds

OpenStack is a free, open-source project that allows anyone to create their own cloud infrastructure. Used by the likes of NASA, CERN, AT&T and Sony, we will be looking at the reasons for its success and how it is emerging as a powerful competitor to Google and AWS. In our deep-dive, we will look at […]

Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure

Software configuration management tools are gaining ground everywhere. We’ve all probably at least heard of puppet, chef or salt by now, however there’s a new rising star: Ansible. In this talk we’ll learn about the way ansible approaches configuration management, software deployment, remote execution and other general IT tasks. We’ll examine how to get up […]

Don’t screw it up, how to build durable web apis

In this session we will describe the best practices for writing durable apis and PHP: how would you design services that need to be stable, evolvable and easily maintainable for years without the hassle of (too much) refactoring? How do you ensure you pick the correct patterns and technologies that won’t be outdated in the […]

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