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Jeremy Coates



For my day job, I am Managing Director of Magma Digital Ltd, a 19 strong development team focussing on delivering business critical software development, using PHP, to enterprise. I am also the driving force behind the UK's PHPNW conference, user group and brand, I started the group in 2008 and have, with assistance from many others, helped the group to be able to deliver six years of high quality conferences, now with 400+ delegates. The passion for this comes from my personal drive to improve skills in those around me.


Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure

Software configuration management tools are gaining ground everywhere. We’ve all probably at least heard of puppet, chef or salt by now, however there’s a new rising star: Ansible. In this talk we’ll learn about the way ansible approaches configuration management, software deployment, remote execution and other general IT tasks. We’ll examine how to get up […]

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