Alessandro Cinelli

Alessandro Cinelli



Alessandro Cinelli (a.k.a. cirpo) is currently working as Lead Developer at Namshi (, the fashion e-commerce in the Middle East located in Dubai. He has a keen attention for enterprise patterns, methodologies, clean code and everything related to performances. He loves to share and give back to the community, that’s why he actively contributes to open source projects and when he was in Italy he has been a board member of the Italian PHP, Javascript User Group, WEBdeBS and had co-organized several events such as agileday, phpday, jsday, nosqlday and nodejsconf some of which were the first of their kind in Italy. He is also working to setup a brand new web comminity in Dubai:


Don’t screw it up, how to build durable web apis

In this session we will describe the best practices for writing durable apis and PHP: how would you design services that need to be stable, evolvable and easily maintainable for years without the hassle of (too much) refactoring? How do you ensure you pick the correct patterns and technologies that won’t be outdated in the […]

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