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Scaling PHP with Azure and “How to forget infrastructure and management” with Web Sites

Let’s look at how Microsoft is reducing dramatically all the effort needed to manage complex web applications, their infrastructure, their connected resources. Azure Web Sites is language-neutral PaaS, supporting PHP, Java, Python, Node.js and, of course, .NET.We will take a look at how to easily build a scalable infrastructure, integrating few other services like MySQL, […]

How to create a virtual infrastructure with Aruba Cloud Platform

Aruba Cloud is a IaaS solution designed to easily create virtual datacenter ranging from a single machine to more complex structures. Aruba Cloud has every tools to provide you maximum flexibility: multiple hypervisors, multiple operating systems, virtual switch, load balancers. All these building blocks are easily provided by accessible interfaces in order to help our […]

Coding and Dreaming – PHP in 2014

Significant performance improvements, generators, finally statement, the bundled opcache, variadics, constant scalar expressions and many other new and cool things are available in PHP 5.5 and in the upcoming 5.6 release. But what does it all mean? What are we building with our cool toys?

Deploy a PHP Application on Google App Engine

PHP was added to the languages offered by Google App Engine about a year ago. This session will focus on porting an existing app on gae. We’ll start talking about the main characteristics of the app engine platform, which kind of services are available (persistence, storage, queue and so on) and how to use it. […]

Content Management with Symfony2

The Content Management Framework (CMF) is a set of building blocks for content management. You can use just parts of it to add some content management to your Symfony2 project, or use the whole stack to build customized CMS applications for specific needs. In this workshop, we do a hands-on tour through the CMF. We […]

Upgrading PHP

What version of PHP are you running? PHP 5.4? PHP 5.5? PHP 5.3? Most of us lag behind the “new shiny”, but at some point you’ll face both the pain of the upgrade migration and the joy of the new features and performance improvements. Whether it’s your boss or your distro that holds you back, […]

Database version control without pain

We’ve all read the textbooks and are using version control systems for our code, but our databases are left out in the cold. Every team has their own workaround, ranging from patch files to SQL snippets in the bugtracker, but none is really robust. There isn’t a silver bullet solution, but this talk will show […]

The Big “Why equal doesn’t equal” Quiz

We all compare and test data on nearly every other line in our code, be it input validation, an if-statement, a switch or determining what to display and how. So of course we are all experts on how to do these tests and comparisons…. Or are we? Come and join in on the Big “Why […]

API RESTful (and RPC) for PHP with Apigility

Develop a robust RESTful/RPC API for a PHP project is not a simple task. How to manage the error handling? Which format to use for the data exchange? How to manage the content negotiation? What about the versioning? How to build an authentication system? How to produce the API documentation? Apigility is an open source […]

Codeception, because tests can have frameworks too!

Being a developer in 2014. you can no longer ignore the importance of testing your applications. In tutorials, writing tests is easy and test driven development is piece a cake. In reality, we are usually dealing with bloated applications, legacy code and hand-me-down projects. Codeception makes testing easier and something you want to start doing, […]


An introduction to docker. We’ll discuss what docker is and what it isn’t, comparing it to solutions you might be more familiar with (virtualbox, vmware, etc). Next we’ll see how docker can ease development and deployment of applications with its concept of containers.

Vagrant Provisioners in a Nutshell

With Vagrant, we can finally forget about the environment and focus on the code, without worrying about the “works on my machine” problem. This talk will review Vagrant basics and focus on its main provisioners – Puppet, Chef and Ansible – giving an overview of each one and how we can use them to provision […]

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